About us

What’s in a Name?

Tomaso Moro e Figli (Tomaso Moro & Sons) was founded in 1845 in the Riviera dei Fiori along the beautiful Ligurian coast in Italy.  It was here that the Moro family began producing canned products, including olive oil and preserves such as tuna, under the brand Moro.  In 1919, the Moro family (seven brothers) expanded their olive oil operations to Spain, and in 1926 Establecimientos Moro S.A. established one of the most advanced olive oil production facilities of its time in Malaga, Andalucia, the heartland of Spanish olive oil.  Becoming one of the most successful producers of olive oil in Spain and also Italy, exports grew rapidly and by 1960, one of the brothers, Mauricio Moro, had begun exporting Moro olive oil into Australia with the help of Conga Foods, where olive oil was still considered an exotic ingredient only to be purchased as an expensive “health tonic” in chemists.  Moro soon became a well-known and trusted brand in Australia and is, nowadays, a staple in every Australian pantry.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.54.07 pmIn the late 1970s, Conga Foods purchased the Moro brand globally and continued the Moro family legacy, developing only the best quality Spanish olive oil products while growing the range to include other products such as artisanal Italian vinegars, thereby quickly becoming the leading olive oil and specialty vinegar brand in Australia.  Conga Foods is an Australian, family-owned company and has built a reputation since 1955 for finding, developing and bringing high quality products from Australia and around the world into Australian restaurants and homes.  We make sure that not only the heritage and traditions are carried through the Moro brand but also the inherited family passion and expertise, making Moro Australia’s favourite.

Moro. The Mark of Quality

It’s no surprise thatMedia_Olive_Grove2 Moro continues to produce such high quality products; generations of family tradition and craftsmanship go into every single one. Only the very best oil makes it into our bottles and tins because we only use the finest Spanish olives, grown in regions that are bathed in sunshine for most of the year. The olives are carefully selected before being pressed, within hours of harvesting, to ensure the juice is squeezed out while the aroma and flavour are still intact. Our master blenders then work their magic to blend a variety of stringently tested oils. That’s how we consistently deliver high quality products and on that, we’ll never compromise.