Moro Masterclass Highlights

Unique dining experiences, Chef cooking demonstrations and olive oil appreciation. Register to be notified of our upcoming events.

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Guests explored the role of quality olive oil and fresh produce in authentic Italian cooking. We learned how to recognise different characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and how it can be used to enhance the flavour of your meals. Demonstrations and delicious dishes from chefs and owners Francesco Rota and Luca Flammia.

EPOCHA, Melbourne
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Guests experienced contemporary European cuisine while enjoying a captivating cooking demonstration and 4 delicious dishes from Spanish Chef Gerard Curto. Swept into the world of authentic European cuisine, we shared how to recognise different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, understand their unique characteristics and their power to enhance the flavours of dishes.

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Guests experienced first hand authentic Spanish flavours, cooking demonstration, hints & tips from the king of authentic Valencia Paella, Leno Lattarulo of Simply Spanish. We shared an informative olive oil appreciation session followed by 5 dishes plus canapes and matching wine.

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