Movida Launches Authentic Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Moro

Chef Frank Camorra and the Movida team are pleased to announce they have teamed up with great Spanish olive oil brand, Moro, to bring an exclusive extra virgin olive oil to Australia.


Served in the Movida restaurants and on sale in selected food stores, Movida Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with oil from the region where Frank’s family originates, near Cordoba in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.


“This oil contains Picudo, a rare variety of olive from the hills of Priego de Cordoba,” says Frank.


“It has been blended with Arbequina olive oil making it the most authentic Spanish olive oil to my taste. This is the style of oil I grew up with and has the real flavour of the south of Spain,” he says.


Movida Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of a search by the Movida team with the help of Moro, to find a quality, fresh tasting olive oil to use in all the Movida restaurants.


“We tasted oil after oil, but the olive oil that gave us that real taste of Spain with such a high level of quality was the blend that we worked on with Moro,” says Frank.


“There is an aroma that fills the streets of Spanish towns as the home cooks start preparing the daily meal, the smell of oil heating in a pan to start cooking,” says Frank. “That is exactly the same aroma you get with Movida Extra Virgin Olive Oil,” he says.


“It’s the first thing you taste when served with freshly made sourdough bread, it’s the oil used to start the cooking process, and the oil the chefs drizzle over the top of a dish to finish.”


The head of sourcing for Moro, David Valmorbida, said it was exciting to have two of Australia’s top Spanish food brands collaborating to bring Australians a truly authentic Spanish product, straight from the home of olive oil.


“Sourcing the best olive oil from Spain has been our family’s passion for over 50 years,” explained David. “It’s a real pleasure and an honour to work with Frank and the team from Movida to bring out something new and unique.”


“This particular extra virgin olive oil has a fruity aroma with those hints of freshly cut herbs, a sweetness on the palate and a pleasing sharpness at the back of the throat. It really is an excellent oil.”


Frank and the team use the Movida Extra Virgin Olive Oil every day to start their sofrito for their paella and for the famous beef cheeks with Pedro Ximenez sauce. They drizzle it over toasted bread rubbed with garlic and ripe tomato to make pan catalan and it is the last little finish the chefs give to their benchmark classic – smoked tomato sorbet, anchovy and crisp bread.


Movida Extra Virgin Olive Oil sits alongside quality Spanish conservas  – conserved seafood and vegetables – that carry the Movida brand and are sold in Australia. “Every year a team of my chefs and I head to Spain looking for new products that we can serve in our restaurants and sell to other business who share our love of Spanish products,” says Frank.


“This is the perfect oil for everyday use in our kitchen, on our tables and I think it will work well in your kitchen too,” explained Frank.