Epocha marinated lamb rack with eggplant purée


Lamb rack, allow 200-250 gram per person,200ml Moro Intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil,4 Garlic gloves, finely sliced,15g Smocked paprika,2g Salt,1g Ground black pepper,1 Stem of thyme,1 Stem of rosemary,50ml White Wine,1 Brown onion, finely sliced,15ml Moro Sherry Vinegar,500g Eggplant, skin removed,100ml Moro Intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil,Salt & Pepper to taste


Combine into bowl and mix: 200ml Moro Intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic, paprika, 2g salt, 1g black pepper, thyme, rosemary, white wine, brown onion and Moro Sherry Vinegar. Rub mixture into lamb rack. Sit to marinate for 3 hours. Remove from marinade.

Preheat large skillet on medium heat, coat pan with a dash of Moro Intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add lamb, cook for approximately 3 minutes each side (medium rate)

Place onto bed of eggplant purée to serve